Best Gyms on Oahu

We are all for the home workout, but group classes are SO fun! These are Hawaii Home Group’s top choices across the island to stay motivated and keep the rice weight off.

#1 Orange Theory

Locations: Kakaako & Kapiolani

This is Kirsten’s favorite way to stay active. She always leaves class with a smile and bragging about how many calories she burned. Honestly, I had to google what the heck the “Orange Zone” is and here is what I found out.

During class there is a combination of rowing, cardio, and strength training. Each exercise is a heart rate-based interval training, where their certified coach guides you through 5 different heart rate zones: resting, easy, challenging, uncomfortable and All Out, telling you when to push harder and when to pull back for recovery. The goal is to spend 12 minutes or more with your heart rate elevated in “The Orange Zone” to boost your metabolism, burn fat and burn more calories.

And if you follow this link you will get a FREE Class: Orange Theory’s Free Class link

And they are betting that you will love it as much as Kirsten does because if you just take 8 classes during your first 30 days and if you don’t feel like you’re living a more vibrant, happier, healthier life, take back all your money and walk away.

#2 UFC Gym

Locations: Kailua, Honolulu, Mililani, Waikele

What they offer: classes, Personal training, fitness gym

So many of our clients are dedicated to the UFC gym in Kailua. With all of the options of group classes while still having  (super clean) fitness equipment makes UFC a standout option. What makes this gym such a go to and #2 on our list – FREE DAYCARE!

Kids Club room which is staffed with a CPR/AED certified personal for up to 2 hours. Free for Ultimate Members or $3 per child for Fitness Members. Membership rates vary based on location and level.

And they even have a FREE trail:  UFC Gym Free Trail

#3 Core Power Yoga

Locations: Ward, Kahala, Kailua, Kapolei

Did you know that I almost became a yoga instructor? If you laughed, I know… me too. Even though I didn’t take up teaching, this is where I completed teacher training and still practice today. Core Power offers such a wide range of classes fit for all levels of fitness. From fundamental vinyasa, heated vinyasa flows, and sculpt classes. Core Power Yoga offers a free week and $89 for your first month special until January 31st. Can’t wait to see you there!

#4 Komo Hawaii

Locations: Kailua

You want inspiration and to try something new? Also, who has time to go to the gym everyday, well KOMO is the solution. Joy Bitonio is the founder and owner of KOMO, also a local female owner. You will not leave her studio feeling uninspired or challenged. It’s not about counting reps or lifting weights in her studio. Each exercise is performed with the goal of enduring the movement while maintaining proper form to stimulate multiple muscle groups all at once for a challenging total body workout.

Try your first class FREE here

#5 Island Club & Spa

Location: Ko’olani, Honolulu

All the luxury you would want in a gym and more. Island Club and Spa prides itself on being Honolulu’s luxury fitness and rejuvenation destination. It’s a place where the members feel welcome, pampered, cared for and can call their home away from home. They offer Classes, Personal training, Spa, and Pilates

#6 Kuelena Fit

Location: Honolulu

I just love a gym that calls everyone an athlete, like damn I deserve that title! Also, can we talk about how genuine their staff’s laughing profile pictures are… they almost have be convinced to try Crossfit… almost. So how did this gym make the list if neither Kirsten or Jasmine have tried Crossfit, because of it’s outstanding 79 4+ star google reviews, the true thought and passion put into their class descriptions, they even include yoga!

Crossfit classes are designed with functional fitness in mind to enhance how you move through your day. At Kuleana Fitness our members are making waves in their personal journeys and we are here to support through fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Learn more and even try one of their two class types, KFIT or FIT4LIFE,  for a free week follow this link: Free Week of Cross Fit

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Jasmine and Kirsten went above and beyond what I ever expected or experienced from a realtor before! We were provided several different realtors by friends on island but Jasmine and Kirsten stood out. Before we arrived they were driving all over the island and FaceTiming us with houses that we were interested in. Getting to know our likes/dislikes so they could understand what we wanted in our perfect house. Once we arrived on island for a short house hunting trip we were greeted with a warm welcome and hit the ground running with houses lined up to see in person. Buying a house is definitely stressful in any situation, more-so in Hawaii with limited options and million dollar transactions. They eased a lot of our stress and never made us feel like we were a burden with our 101 questions. We closed a month ago and Jasmine and Kirsten still contact us to see how we’re doing and if there’s anything we need. Glad I found them as my realtors and even happier that I have found new friends. Above and Beyond Team!

- Heather & Derek


The team of Hawaii Home Group has done an exceptional job in welcoming my family to the island of Oahu. They offer nothing but kindness to us by showing homes in many different locations plus sometimes even treated to lunch when time allowed it. Their advice a which home would fit our needs was essential in guiding our decisions on selecting our first home in Hawaii. They investigated every single possible home we looked even before we step into properties to assure, we were not blinded by any unknow factors. The digital products created by the team to assure all calendars and viewing were essential in making sure our closing date arrived smoothly. I can truly say this team treated as us family every step of the way making us feel welcomed to the island. We are grateful and thankful for everything your team provided to our family. Mahalo Sincerely, Alexander Fernandez

- Alexander Fernandez


Jasmine and Kirsten, are great realtors. We started looking for a home when we decided to move to Hawaii. They listened to our needs and would always send us new and hot properties. When we finally found the right home they got our offer accepted. I strongly recommended that you work with them. They are definitely the agents that you want on your side during your home purchase!

- Rich Chavez


We could not be happier with our choice to have Jasmine & Kirsten every step of the way. From open houses, to promptly assisting us with our 1st and FINAL offer(!!!), to sitting through hours of inspection, from advocating for credits we didn’t even think to negotiate, to tackling last minute hurdles from the HOA, these ladies were so responsive, detailed and dialed in. Every single question, doubt, worry was handled gracefully with ease, I felt like we had the best team assisting us in the biggest purchase of our life. It takes a lot of trust to listen to suggestions from someone new, but once we realized they were in this business to represent our best interest, recommending the best of the best, we put our faith in them and felt so well cared for. We were able to sit back and enjoy the home-buying process, crazy as it sounds, it was actually very fun! Our calls and communication were always collective- we loved that, we always felt included and listened to, we made the decisions, but we leaned on them for their advice and expertise- we were not disappointed. Time can be of the essence when purchasing a home, they worked nights and weekends pulling through details for us- their efforts really made a difference for us. We can’t thank Jasmine and Kirsten enough, they work so hard, they know their contracts and they know their contacts- they really shined through for us. Trust them, have fun, enjoy the unique and incredible opportunity to buy in Hawaii. Hawaii Home Group is 5 stars in our book- we were so lucky we found them!!

- Kayla & Ken



- Test


Kirsten is the best realtor I ever worked with. She earned my trust instantly by listening to me and helping me to figure out what I wanted. Her partner Jasmine was there to help and support as well, so we always felt informed and covered. I don’t use social media and never write reviews, but Hawaii Home Group is the exception.

- Jodie Austin


Jasmine and Kirsten were incredible! They made the stressful process of selling a house an absolute breeze! When we decided to sell our house, we had low expectations for our outcome. BUT Jasmine and Kirsten greatly exceeded our expectations! The amount of care and effort that they put into a listing is made evident by the amazing results. If you want your best chance at maximizing your value in buying or selling a home, choose Jasmine and Kirsten! They know how to take care of their clients! :)

- Collin & Quinn Williams


Everything was great from the beginning to the end process.

- Michael Kadwell


Great team to work with. Knows what we looking for.

- Jenny Lin